Welcome to my homepage, dear viewer! Now, if you are a returning visitor to my humble abode, you might be asking yourself, where did everything go? I understand your frustration. Because I, too, am frustrated.
I have another website, which I use as an art gallery, and was preparing to send it off to some potential employers, fingers crossed. But then I learned that a website structured like a personalized art gallery wouldn't be doing me any favors. These people are looking through hundreds of potential artists to hire, and to make the process as efficient as possible, these websites should be minimal, efficient, clear, and concise. It should function as only a vehicle for your portfolio. Now, as someone who greatly enjoys the ENGAGEMENT and CLICKING and THINKING and CHAOS of websites, these critiques, while helpful, had me vexed.

However, I did as I was told, and completely restructured my gallery. But the personality of it was lost. My gallery was no longer a safe haven . I needed to escape to a new frontier. And thus, here I am. It's going to be a while before I can call it anything resembling "finished", but I want to populate this place with my creations and present it in a way that I actually enjoy. Follow your hearts, everyone and I'll see you again soon.